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Konami November 2 News Magical Halloween Miracle ★ CD pachinko slot Quartet provided a DVD of animated Halloween special. The DVD contains two "bonus time" short animated sequences called "Kioku no Kakera" (Fragments of memory) and "Trick or Sweet".

Voice actresses Yui Horie (Bakemonogatari, Mawaru Penguindrum), Tomizawa Michie (Sailor Moon, the Black Lagoon: Roberta Trail of Blood), Rie Kugimiya (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama), and Minori Chihara (C ³, melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya), expressed the characters and songs performed "Magical Halloween" pachinko slot machines, and their works were collected 6 of the album. Horie sings "Girl ★ Lucky", as Alice, Tomizawa perform "Sentimental Moon," as Rose, Kugimiya sings "Yes", the frost, and Chihara perform "Magic Live" as Noir. CD also includes "Miracle Halloween ~ ~ Long Version" with the word and the second version of the song "Magic Halloween Compilation IF".

For the retail price of 3150 yen (U.S. $ 40), the package includes the limited edition first pressing also a separate booklet illustration entitled "Magical Halloween 3". The regular edition of s CD / DVD

Has Launched in North America-J manga

JManga, the portal manga by a group of 39 Japanese publishers to sell directly to consumers creating digital manga, officially yesterday. The site uses a points system to sell books - a man gets you 100 points, each volume will cost 899 points or more. You can also select individual chapters, if you prefer, this is probably a good way to get something you're not sure, and in this same direction, they have a lot of free chapters are available as well as preview. Several people who know much more about the manga that I took a look at the page and publish their thoughts. Johanna Draper Carlson, for example, indicates that you can buy points in 5 EUR, $ 10 and $ 25 increments, which is probably not a lot of potential for heavy users of the site, but if you search just pop in and buy one or two volumes, you will end up spending more than necessary. And because the site has been "print price level," states that casual users could end up paying more than they would from Amazon or a local store. Points even after one year, which sucks a little. David Cabrera and indicates that you are not really "buy" something that uses the site a Flash-based interface and does not allow you to actually download volume: "In return for this high price has Jmanga no real advantage," said he in his blog. "You can not really intended to be read to download the comic and only in it is difficult to say that you do not even really" own "the book that you bought. Jmanga When was never set, and there is little guarantee that this site remain long, you would not be able to have all the stuff you pay to enjoy. " Ed Sizemore, who looks at the site of manganese Johanna occur, the tires a little on the hard drive: "It has a simple interface and good images with high resolution," he said. "There is a panel in the lower right two pages per screen, one page or panel by panel (although there are some books that do not have the option panel by panel):.. You can choose from one of three display options soon nice feature is that when you get a double page, the view automatically displays complete the picture, regardless of the selected display mode. If you are in a page or screen, the panel, are the views of these modes if You go to the next screen. " A positive aspect of people have noticed more is the inclusion of manganese will not make its way to the United States or out-of-print, because her American publisher is no longer around (like Tokyopop and DC CMX imprint). "JManga started with a library of over 100 titles - a digital catalog that dwarfs every U.S. publisher," writes Kate Dacey "With so many different types of manga fans refer to the most demanding something like ...." The people behind the site, said they plan, 10 000 manga online in 2013.

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