Ichigo mother, Masaki Kurosaki, began to bring Ichigo went to one dojo to have studied karate since Ichigo was 4 years old. There, Ichigo met and disputed with Tatsuki Arisawa, where firstly him, Ichigo not more involved by him. Every time he lost, Ichigo always began to cry, but just as his mother came and entertained him, he at once stopped crying. This was caused by the Ichigo nearness with his mother who was very deep. According to Tatsuki, Ichigo was the child bertubuh thin that looked cheerful, and always smiled when with his mother. When Ichigo was 9 years old, hollow was named Grand Fisher killed Masaki. However Ichigo did not know because of the death of his mother until the middle from the start of the Bleach plot (around the 4th volume manga). After the death of his mother, Ichigo to uring-uringan, and continually stood in the river bank where his mother was killed for days. The Masaki death changed all of them in the Kurosaki family - Karin became willful and did not whine, and Yuzu took over the task of the household. Before knowing the Grand Fisher matter, Ichigo always felt responsible on the death of his mother, and blamed himself because of going too much close to the river bank so as his mother must rescue Ichigo and in the long run, sacrificed himself. Moreover after the incident thus, the Masaki death continued to cause Ichigo to feel guilty if he could not protect people that close to him. Because the feeling was guilty

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